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Celebration To The Beach Boys – By The Wilson Brothers

  • 27 Apr 2019 - 19:30

Celebration To The Beach Boys - By The Wilson Brothers

lördag 27 april 2019 kl.19:30

En av de absolut främsta Beach Boystributen någonsin – The Wilson Brothers – kommer till Karlstad. Sex musikaliska ekvilibrister och oerhört stämsäkra musiker som
arbetat med många stora namn genom åren ger sin hyllning till det amerikanska kult, surf och legendariska bandet – The Beach Boys.


They all had the dream of growing up at the farm in Winfiled, Alabama with their parents. Taking care of cattle and sit and play together on the porch on summer evenings. Regarding the life as farmers it didn´t happen but they all came out and played with a variety of artists through the years – but as a matter of fact, never together.

A coincidence made that for the first time it was possible to do something together. As the Wilson Brothers been involved in many succesful ”tribute shows” as single persons through the years and that all were completely hooked on ”harmony vocals”, the choice was easy when they were offered to make a European tour in 2019 – with a celebration to legendary The Beach Boys.

Music director and leader of the band – Axl Wilson – says that it´s just awesome and magic to tour with these guys hopefully for a long future.-The Beach Boys music was already in the mother’s milk when we grew up.After heard the rehearsals with these musicians singing all the legendary Beach Boys masterpieces, it has to be one of the best Beach Boys Tributes in the world and with a great production says tour manager Gary Sanders. The Wilson Brothers starting up their European Tour 2019 in Sweden with 8 shows. Tickets to be released 24th September..

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  • Genre Konsert
  • Datum lör 27 Apr 2019
  • Plats Scalateatern
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