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by Aldous Huxley
Adapted for the stage by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith
Electronic score composed by Paul Flush

The most extraordinary science fiction satire of the century comes to the stage in a new adaptation. Aldous Huxley wrote “brave new world” in 1931 and predicted a world where pain, old age, unemployment, poverty, crime and war have been abolished but so too have families, books, culture, love and individual choice. But unlike so many doom laden future visions, Huxley´s New World is not held together by fear or dictatorship, his society is founded on genetic engineering and human cloning and the population is seduced rather than bullied with a beguiling mixture of casual sex, government narcotic hand-outs, high fashion, exciting sports and ‘Virtual Reality’ films that appeal directly to the senses: the Feelies. This is a vision close to our own reality.

Who would rebel against such a world? Huxley challenges us and his central characters to reject comfort in exchange for the higher human values. An assortment of rebels and outsiders test themselves and the system and compromise or fail in a manner that is either tragic or comic and often both. BRAVE NEW WORLD is not simply a warning of what could happen to us all, but also a parody and satire on human vanity and moral cowardice. It never preaches but captures its audience with its gripping story and hilarious mockery of our weakness for sensation and security.

This new dramatic version is directed by Paul Stebbings whose previous work for the company includes the acclaimed adaptations of “Moby Dick”, “Lord of the flies”, “Oliver Twist” and “The Canterville Ghost”. This is a dynamic physical theatre interpretation of Huxley´s novel that explores serious themes through comedy, action, dance, song, audience participation and high drama. You are invited to experience Huxley´s BRAVE NEW WORLD and to decide if it is a nightmare or paradise.

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